Hampson Woods

The Delfina Foundation

Victoria, London

The Delfina Foundation supports emerging artists from around the globe, and we have worked closely with them to help realise some of their projects. Among them, pieces have shown at the V&A and the Saatchi Gallery.

Shirin Sabahi
Seven Bridges of Koenigsberg
372 drawings, graphite pencil on cardboard, index box
Photo Michael Heilgemeir
Courtesy of Delfina Foundation

Pedram Baldari
The Case
An interactive installation commissioned by the Victoria and Albert Museum to be shown at V&A’s Raphael Hall in April 2012.
It contains 86 wooden ball bearing mazes on a 180cm diameter disk with a wooden dome beneath allowing it rock like a big balance board. The audience is invited to stand on the work whilst trying to maintain the balance, leading the ball bearings in to the center of mazes simultaneously. The disk is not supposed to touch the ground otherwise the game is over.