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Your sustainable gift guide

Looking for an eco-friendly gift that will last for years to come? We’ve got a few ideas for you!

HW products are designed and handmade in Britain using sustainable materials. And the provenance of every piece of timber we work with is written on the product tag, so you know where the tree once stood.

Most orders will ship next day (UK first class post)* using recyclable packaging.

Thank you for supporting small, local business!

The stocking stuffer 
Our porridge spoons will last for many winters to come!
Made from elm or london plane, these spoons are the perfect utensil for stirring porridge, making jam or flipping an egg.

Shop our spoons here

For the entertainer
Made from the glorious British Elm, these boards are the perfect gift for someone who is partial to a cheese plate and has an eye for exquisite things.

Shop HW Elm boards here

For the chef
What better way to thank your favourite cook than with an HW end grain board? Made by hand with beautiful Ash, it will brighten any kitchen and bedeck a festive table for many years to come!

Shop our End Grain boards

For the indecisive
Still not sure what to get? Look no further than our HW gift vouchers – available now on our online shop.

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