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The London Planes


The London Planes

In the spring of 2012, Hampson Woods introduced a new range of serving boards. Made from the London Plane tree, these boards bring a delicately crafted beauty into your home.

Plane trees come down often around London, and we work closely with an arborist who is able to collect and plank these towering giants of the city. We know the provenance of all of our pieces. Sometimes we have photos too.

Once in our hands, each part of the tree is considered, and the shapes of unmade pieces will start to reveal themselves. We rough-cut these pieces and allow for any future movement in the wood. Once we have ascertained the integrity of each piece, we then start to whittle and carve, relating to the same lines that the tree itself chose to follow.

After all, could we better the design of a tree?

Only by considering, handling and patiently crafting in this way, can you hope to do justice to the beauty that lies within the grain of the finished piece. And you can tell.

Every one is different. And every one is loved – even before it finds a home.