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HW x Sustainability

Lane in Autumn 2018

Over the last decade we’ve worked hard to ensure our business treads as lightly on our planet as we can. From our suppliers, the provenance of the wood we work in small batches, the energy we use to run our workshop, through to the materials used to package each product, sustainability is our priority. Here’s a little update on where we are with our sustainability journey.

Our suppliers

We’re proud to work with a network of local suppliers, from micro sawmills down the road to timber yards with a shared ethos, and within our own woodland to ensure our products are made with responsibly-sourced local timber.

Provenance, fallen trees and off-cuts

Since we made our first board back in 2011 and for the 20,000 boards we’ve made since, we’ve known the provenance of every single piece of wood that’s come through our workshop and we’ve shared the provenance of every product we’ve sold to the person who bought it. Several products like our spoons were born from the off-cuts of our signature boards.

From using fallen London Plane trees to reincarating English Ash with dieback and using Sycamore felled to make way for mighty English Oaks, we’ve focused our business around using timber in the most sustainable way we can.

Workshop and packaging

We’ve made great strides in making our workshop/studio space more eco-friendly, too. We’ve planted trees and built re-wilding zones to give local wildlife habitats around our workshop and woodland.

And we’re pleased to say that as of last year, our packaging is 100% recyclable, biodegradable and plastic free.

The next ten years…

But the work is ongoing – in this, our eleventh year, we are building an eco-friendly studio/workshop extension that will run off of energy sourced from solar, wind, water and our woodland. We’re working with The Forestry Commission on a long term woodland management plan to improve wildlife populations and plant hundreds of new trees over the next ten years. And we have new off-cut inspired products in the pipeline, too, so watch this space…

Our goal always has always been to give back more than we take.