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HW and Tom Kerridge

Celebrity chef (and all around legend) Tom Kerridge has taken steps into the homewares market with his first range of kitchen and dining accessories. We are very pleased to say that three of our designs are included.


A little different from other chefs’ ranges, Tom has decided to “go British” and champion some of the fine producers from within this fair isle. He has also collaborated with all of the producers, and perhaps most importantly has demanded a quality high enough to cope with the rigours of his commercial kitchen.

Pans, knives, textiles, enamelware and cutting boards (yep, you guessed it!) will all soon be for sale, and are already in use in his michelin starred restaurant.

We worked with Tom to create three pieces –


End grain cutting board in Ash.

Traditionally used by butchers, these blocks self-heal – the internal pressure of the end grain will close up again after a knife has made its mark. By working this way, they also limit stress to the blade so chef’s can keep their knives as keen as ever.



Cheese Board in Elm.

Made from a single piece of Elm, this is a design we have been playing around with for a while – a very tactile and tapered end that you just want to handle………



Rolling Pin in Ash.

Simple, sturdy and elegant this subsantial pin has a surprising weight to it.

Not surprisingly this range is something we are very proud to put our name to – produced in small-batches, beautiful work of high quality, with practicality at the heart.

Soon for sale in various retailers, and you can now visit tomkerridge.com to register your interest.



The Great British Exchange have made this project happen. The brainchild of Matt Hopkins, the GBE is a marketplace that brings together producers and retailers within the UK.

More info on the GBE here