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Broadway Market Randoms

Every week we’re at Broadway Market in Hackney E8 – a teeming street market with a fine collection of foods, and a good array of products; many of them handmade locally.

As well as our regular range, it’s a good place for us to bring our Random Boards – the funny shaped ones that don’t quite fit in with the regulars………often they’re just made from little offcuts, the perfect garlic or lemon board; sometimes they’re experimental, a prototype or work in progress; sometimes they’re forms that our imaginations dictate on the day of making!

hanging market boards_480x360

on the bus_480x360

It means every one is different; every one is beautiful…… and it also means that there is very little waste in our workshop.


richard III_480x360

sycamore stripe_480x640

Once a month we’re on one of the main street stalls – the rest of the time we’re in the schoolyard extension of the market.

If you’re in the area, come down and say hello!