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Bespoke Board Projects for Hawksmoor / Foxlow

Over the last couple of years we’ve worked with several restaurants, bars and cafes, providing them with boards to either serve from or display on. As well as from our standard range, we’ve also provided bespoke pieces – just the right size and shape to serve toast, bread rolls and burgers; or display cakes and croissants.

Just lately we’ve been creating some bespoke boards for the great British steak restaurant Hawksmoor – and also for their new venture, Foxlow; a “neighbourhood restaurant” on St. John Street. (If you’re curious, please click here.)

It started with a selection of small geometric boards, based on these from our current range, and progressed onto something much bigger!



From a particularly beautiful section of a London Plane tree (that was sourced from Oxfordshire), it reminds us of a landscape painted in oils – in reality it’s only how the tree chose to grow.