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A Lake District Farm Shop

A month or so ago, I had the pleasure of working with the Westmorland Services team to film Channel 4’s A Lake District Farm Shop (made by Purple Productions).

Over the years I’ve sold various products to their shops at Tebay, Cairn Lodge, Gloucester services and the Rheged Centre. We always make a point to stop (or if my wife’s involved, plan a road trip around stopping) at their services. They are a family business with ethics and sustainability at the heart of what they do, people we are proud to be associated with.

So, as much as I might cringe at the sight of myself on TV and even more so at encouraging others to watch me sweat on primetime telly, I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to get some new products into these wonderful shops.

Tune in at 8.15 tonight on Channel 4 to see a slightly embarrassed, camera shy woodworker pottering around our woods and workshop!

Products made for the show can be found here:

Toast Tongs

Risotto Spoons