Hampson Woods


Hampson Woods evolved as a pairing of woodworker, Jonty Hampson and artist and designer, Sascha Gravenstein. Together they design and create bespoke interiors and produce hand made, small-batch products.

With the same admiration for timber, they respect its grace and the use it can offer – they encourage its natural warmth and highlight the beauty which it has finally grown to. This ensures that their work is pleasing to the hand, and to the eye – a pleasure to make, and a pleasure for you to use.

Jonty is a carpenter and cabinet maker. He has worked mainly in the UK and North America, drawing from different approaches and techniques to construction and design. Regardless of place and period, it has always been about the wood, and how people live around it.

Sascha comes from a fine art background, with particular interest in landscape and sculptural form. After working in film he moved into the design industry and has worked for various agencies over the years.

With woodland in Cumbria, Hampson Woods has access to precious raw material. This means that the provenance of much of these pieces is known – a rare treat to know where your product originally had its roots.

Other timbers are sourced from a carefully selected merchant who we work with on account of their patient, sustainable approach. We insist on knowing the provenance for every piece we acquire. We also source from arborists in and around London who specialise in clearing the fallen giants of this city. Saved from chipping, these timbers are planked and allowed to dry over time. They then make it to a dusty workshop in Hackney, where after much consideration these pieces are carefully finished and made ready for new life in people’s homes.